To create a respectful, equitable, and safe space for rural women that would empower them and improve their health and well-being and provide accessible minimally invasive therapeutic options for diseases


To create a community engagement center that caters to preventive, rehabilitative healthcare and promote well-being aspects for rural women and a local health system network that facilitates their health care needs. To provide accessible minimally invasive preventive and therapeutic treatment options for diseases


Focus on Quality
Respectful Inclusion

Follower Growth


The third Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) about "Good Health and Well-being" targets universal health coverage, access to sexual and reproductive health, including family planning, reduction in maternal, neonatal, and child mortality, and reduction in Non-Communicable diseases through Health promotion, disease prevention, treatment and focus on mental health and wellbeing. At our center we are aligned with this goal and the underlying targets.  

Our center, through evidence-based activities and appropriate use of technology, will aim to improve the health of the rural women in a group of villages in North Solapur Taluka. It is a relatively accessible population that may benefit from our interventions. 

Our main goal

Easy access and prevention before cure and minimally invasive curative approach

The initiative intends to test our hypothesis that provision of the following 4 pillars would accelerate and improve the existing rural health care for women:

  1. Provision of an accessible specialized women’s Centre (like Mangal Pratap Women’s Health Centre) situated in the rural area, will make it easier to approach...

Routine Checkups

Establish comprehensive rural women's health program with yearly check-ups with gynaecological examination and ultrasound. Screening for cervical cancer, Anaemia, Vitamin D, B12 deficiency. Offering minimum four antenatal visits during pregnancy, HIV screening, breast palpation, addressing family planning issues.

Minimally invasive treatments

Enhance rural women's access to minimally invasive surgeries, thus reducing bigger operations like hysterectomy. Provision of Minimally invasive treatments when indicated and conforming to evidence based best medical practices according to national protocols and international standards.

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